Marking Solutions

ACT Logimark AS provides you with high class marking equipment, as inkjet printers, laser ingravers, label printers and the other common technologies.

Our foremost segment is production companies. Whether yur product is milk, doors, meatballs, timber or cosmetics, we deliver quality solutions that minimizes down time in the production, and gives you good traceability.

Our suppliers are all among the wolrds leading suppliers in theire segmemt.

So many technologies to choose between!

There are lots to consider before deciding on marking equipment for your production. Such as production speed, product/packaging material, demands for durability, and chemichal demands. ACT Logimark has a broad range of equipment wich goes along with a knowledge and experience that few can compete with us on, we will help you find the right solution.

Tell us about your marking needs, and we will help!

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