Plastic products and packaging

We provide solutions to many manufacturers of plastic products and packaging. We provide tracking solutions, control solutions, simple code marking and full color logo marking. We have many opportunities, so contact us for a chat.

We provide solutions for marking and control of, for example:
• Cardboard and cardboard packaging
• PET bottles
• EPS boxes
• Plastic packaging

We supply digital marking machines, equipment and solutions for various tasks, including:
• Date marking, batch codes and tracking codes
• Barcode marking, QR codes, Datamatrix codes
• Full color logo marking (EPS boxes)
• Marking in clear text

We deliver complete system solutions consisting of both hardware and software, functions can for example be:
• Weight control
• Control of physical goals
• Control and reporting of production per. unit
• Control and reporting of D packages and pallets
• Communication with i.a. EPR system
• Barcode and / or RFID solutions